SIR – I and my wife are both from the 1946 generation of children who grew up locally just after the end of the Second World War.

We fully understood austerity we fully understood shortages of some food items, because our parents were average working class people we believed that we had the standard of living that was perfectly normal.

Our parents taught us values, we were of the belief that if you had more than you needed then the given thing to do was to share.

What ever happened to those values? I am convinced that there are many people in Worcester who like us cannot understand what has happened to humanity, why are people stripping supermarket shelves when they know that there are others such as people like me and my wife who are struggling to find even the basic food and toiletries, who are these people, what is their family background, what are their personal standards in life?

I grew up in a city that I was proud of sadly I am now ashamed to say that people living in the proud city are no longer people who I want to be associated with.

Alan Barton