Sir – One thing that has become apparent during this crisis, is that we need to go back to the past.

It seems that the large supermarkets really only care about profit and shareholders.

This food fiasco could have been prevented by rationing at the first sign of panic buying.

Instead they waited for two weeks and reluctantly adopted an inefficient system, purely as a PR stunt.

Meanwhile local shops, village stores and farm shops have gone out of their way to keep stock levels up for their loyal customers, most of which are unable to get to supermarkets.

They have even introduced free delivery for the more vulnerable members of their community.

It’s time we used this current situation to turn our backs on faceless global stores and bring the heart back to the cities and towns of this country.

Remember when there were dozens of bakers, butchers and greengrocers throughout Worcester?

If we still had them, I’m sure they would have handled this crisis a lot better.

The last few years have seen many global brands wiped from the high street. I say, good.

Let more perish and financially help independent shops to open and revitalise Worcester.

Paul Laverty