A COUPLE celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this month have given away their top tip for a long marriage.

Sylvia Corrick met Francis, also known as Frank or Bill to many people, when she was 15.

Mrs Corrick, now 78, said she first met him when he was with one of her friends.

She said: “I took him off a friend of mine. He was going with her and then changed his mind.”

A warden at the church in Dorstone, where the couple live, Mrs Corrick said they will be renewing their wedding vows for the anniversary.

“I thought it’s a landmark, not many people reach that now, it’s changed,” she added.

“People don’t get married for that long now, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

“The key is you have to be very honest. Don’t go to sleep if you haven’t made up after a quarrel.

“Everyone has the but make up before you go to sleep. If ever we had a problem we would talk about it.”

The pair will have two occasions where they will be able to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary later this month.

The first is for family and then they will be in their local pub to celebrate with friends the following week.