A HEREFORD tattoo studio has been forced to close as it responds to Government social distancing advice in the light of the coronavirus outbreak.

But for the business, it's "health versus wealth" as the owner is left in the dark about what will happen.

Body Mods has been in Maylord Orchard in Hereford city centre for three years, but this is now their 11th year in business.

Aaron Mullen said: "We obviously wanted to continue working as we have to to pay the bills, pay the staff, pay the rent etcetera, unfortunately we couldn't because of social distancing. We're up close and personal with the clients.

"We had to just decide enough is enough, we're putting ourselves in danger, our clients in danger so we had to close.

"As far as the future is concerned we just don't have a clue, we're hearing the Government say this, that and the other and they're going to help, but we don't know when that help is going to come.

"It's nightmare after nightmare."

Some of the help unveiled by the Government so far includes no business rates for 12 months for some businesses.

In addition businesses in receipt of small business rates relief and hospitality businesses will receive a grant from Government, which will be administrated by Herefordshire Council.

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"I don't want to leave my staff with nothing, so I'm trying to do as much as I can to keep them going.

"It's when the funds run out, where are we going to go from there?

"Although it looks like the big picture for small businesses is great and we're all going to get the help that we need, it's just a matter of if they can do it fast enough."

Since closing Body Mods on Wednesday, Mr Mullen has started a 14-day period in self-isolation with his wife and three children, who will now being doing their school and college work from home.