Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the UK could "turn the tide" in 12 weeks as the coronavirus situation in the UK worsens.

There is now three confirmed cases in Herefordshire, but this number is thought to be a lot higher as routine testing is not carried out.

Live coronavirus updates for Herefordshire

In the UK as of 9am on Wednesday there were 2,626 confirmed cases and 103 people have died.


Boris Johnson also said:

  • He won't seek to close pubs and restaurants if they think their advice is being listened to. If they feel it isn't working, they will bring forward tougher measures
  • Most parts of the country are making a huge effort to comply with advice and there are no plans to stop public transport in London
  • His message to businesses is stand by your employees, becasuse the Government will stand by British firms. More on this from the Chancellor tomorrow.
  • He hopes retailers are reasonable as reports emerge that some shops are hiking prices of in demand goods
  • There are plans to introduce a test kit, similar to a pregnancy test, which will be able to tell if someone as had coronavirus. If so, it means they can return to work as they are unlikely to become ill with the virus again

We are still waiting on a list of key workers in relation to which pupils will be able to still attend school on Monday.

More to follow.