AN INDIAN restaurant in Hereford is offering free meals to elderly people as staff show their support to those who are self-isolating.

The message from Jalsagor in St Owen Street is "we can overcome this" as the Government advises over-70s to self-isolate for 12 weeks.

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"As the Prime Minister and his health advisors put in unprecedented measures to protect and safeguard us and our way of life because of Covid 19, the Jalsagor team are extremely concerned for the elderly and vulnerable who may have to self-isolate," owner Joynaan Abaden said.

"The Jalsagor team would like to offer a free meal every day between the hours of 5.30pm and 10.30pm to any elderly person who is self-isolating.

"The self-isolating person needs to ring the restaurant on 01432 343464 and place the order. Ideally a member of your family should collect the order but If you don't have any relatives nearby, then our members will do all that is viable to get the meal to your door."


Mr Abaden added he wants to look after members of the community that he has been a part of since opening the restaurant in 2004.

"We are supporting our community, I've been in Hereford a long time and my kids have grown up in Hereford," he said.

"I want to support people. People are really struggling.

"The indomitable human spirit will see us through this current situation. Let’s be kind to others and care for our community, together we can overcome this."

The scheme will start from Sunday, March 22 and will run for two weeks.