A COUNTY primary school has been forced to close due to a suspected case of coronavirus.

Brockhampton Primary School, near Bromyard, urged parents to collect their children as soon as possible this morning (Thursday) after a child was sent home after showing symptoms linked to Covid-19.

Live coronavirus updates for Herefordshire

"Brockhampton School will be closed from today due to a suspected case of coronavirus," a school spokesperson said.

"If your child is currently in school please collect as soon as possible."

In a letter sent to parents this afternoon, headteacher Matthew Manders said it was a precautionary measure after a child was sent home yesterday (Wednesday) with symptoms.

"This closure is purely a precautionary measure. We are erring on the side of caution in response to a suspected case of Coronavirus with one of our children.

"The child in question was sent home yesterday after presenting with symptoms which we may never actually obtain a confirmed diagnosis for. The latest guidance from Public Health England for staff who looked after this child is to remain at work and only go home if they develop symptoms.

"If that is the advice for the staff who cared for the child, and in doing so were obviously in direct contact with them, then concerns you may have for your children should be minimal.

"The advice is that there is no need to self-isolate beyond that which we have already been told and just remain vigilant for signs of the symptoms, as we are all doing anyway.

"All that being said, I am sure you will join with me in wishing our child, and their family, all the best over the coming few days."

The school building, which are on Bromyard Downs, will undergo a deep clean before reopening for workers of key workers next week.

"The school building will be left empty for the next seventy-two hours," Mr Manders added.

"A deep clean of the entire building has been scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week so that we are in a position to offer key worker child care provision, as directed by the Government yesterday, from Wednesday, March 25."


In a letter sent home to parents on Tuesday, Mr Manders said the pre-school was closed "as a result of several staff having to self-isolate" and they could no longer provide an "appropriate staff/pupil ratio" needed to ensure children's safety.

The news comes as the total number of cases in Herefordshire rose to three yesterday (Wednesday), depsite routine testing not currently going ahead.

Across the UK, as of 9am yesterday morning there were 2,626 confirmed cases and 103 people had died.