SIR – Queueing traffic at the Ketch. This roundabout is frequently the cause of traffic delays at busy periods.

According to the lane markings traffic from the direction of the M5 wanting to go straight over the roundabout and continue along the A4440 towards Powick is supposed to use the middle lane.

Meanwhile the right-hand lane is designated for traffic intending to turn right at the roundabout.

However during busy periods numerous vehicles intending to go straight over the roundabout are using the right hand lane, to queue jump, then going one-and-a-half times around the roundabout before proceeding on in the direction of Powick.

This is causing the roundabout to become clogged with traffic almost certainly contributing to delays of traffic trying to get onto the roundabout from other directions especially from the A4440 coming from Powick.

It is a pity the lane markings are not mandatory.

Mr M Robinson