WHILST governments rush to contain the spread of coronavirus throughout Europe – particularly Italy which seems to have taken the most drastic measures and seemingly banned all public gatherings overnight for the next month – we have to question where these bans and restrictions would start and end if they came to England.

Major sporting events in Italy including Six Nations rugby matches and Serie A football games have either been called off or will be played behind closed doors to stop people congregating and, it is hoped, stop spreading the virus. France has done something similar and Greece are following suit too.

Premier League bosses in England have said they would not (yet) follow the lead of Italy and would allow football matches in the country to carry on as normal.

If football matches were to continue without crowds, where would the restrictions cease? Do shopping centres, clubs, pubs, train stations and airports close too?

It would seem irrational to ban one type of crowd but allow others to continue gathering.