THE shocking video of an alleged stabbing in Worcester will be uncomfortable viewing for many.

In broad daylight, in the city centre on a Saturday when many families are out and about on their weekly shop.

But as Chris Edwards who took the video said, he “was quite shocked” as Worcester is generally quite quiet.

However, thanks to the swift response of the police, someone has already been charged in connection with the incident.

Worcester is a safe city. One we can be proud of. Thankfully, incidents such as these are quite rare.

Jerry Pardoe

Today we pay tribute to one of our own - award-winning photographer Jeremy Pardoe.

Photographers are often the first contact many people have with the newspaper and you couldn’t have asked for a finer ambassador than Jerry, as he was known.

A true gentleman, modest, and such a talented photographer with a ready wit.

He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, our friend.