SHOCKING video footage has emerged of an alleged stabbing in a Worcester street which has led to two arrests.

CCTV footage shows the alleged attack unfolding in front of members of the public, including a young child, in Broad Street, Worcester yesterday.

Two people, a man and a woman, have been arrested following the ‘stabbing’, believed to have involved a pair of scissors.

The Worcester News has seen CCTV from Connect2Vapes which shows a man apparently being chased along Broad Street in the direction of the city centre and slammed into the window of New Look, directly opposite the vape shop.

The man who was running away manages to fend off the attack and continues to run in the same direction.

His pursuer breaks off the chase but remains in the street and seconds later can be seen walking towards another man, pointing at him in what appears to be a threatening manner.

Chris Edwards, manager at the vape shop, said he was serving a customer when he saw two people running towards the city centre.

"I saw a guy get thrown against the glass. I never saw a knife in his hand but I saw him.

"It looked like he hit him over the left breast in a stabbing motion.

"But at first I thought he punched him until the police officer said he had scissors or a knife."

He said the attacker said to members of the public to 'back off and not to say a word'.

The 23-year-old added: "Worcester is quite quiet so I was shocked it was happening to begin with.

"A couple of my customers were worried he would come in here. I was trying to calm them down."

Mr Edwards said he felt able to stay clam because he had been homeless for four years and seen similar incidents before.

"I've seen this before, all the time, in Worcester. I feel I know how to deal with it better than the average person.

"Because the customers were worrying I tried to take control of the situation and reassure them they were all safe."

Police were called at 11.22am yesterday by a member of the public following an incident in Broad Street, Worcester.

A bladed item, believed to be a pair of scissors, caused superficial injuries to the victim.

* Two people have been arrested in connection with the incident. A 43-year-old woman of no fixed address was arrested for possession of a bladed article and remains in custody.

A 56-year-old man, also of no fixed address, has been charged for possession of a bladed article and breaching a restraining order. He remains in police detention.

Police from both Worcestershire and Shropshire Operational Patrol Units were involved in the response and shared a photo of police cars nearby, parked outside Foregate Street Railway Station.

A West Mercia spokesman said: "The suspect was located nearby and his accomplice soon identified and arrested."