A TEENAGE 'ringleader' has been banned from parts of Malvern because of his antisocial behaviour.

Bailey Glover, 15, has been slapped with a Criminal Behaviour Order, imposed at Worcester Magistrates Court following a successful application by West Mercia Police.

Police say Glover 'caused significant upset and annoyance over the last couple of years in the Malvern area'.

Police described him as being 'the ringleader' of a group of youths frequenting Morrisons and the Retail Park, Roman Way, Malvern Theatre and more recently at the Co-op on Worcester Road, Malvern.

The order is to last for two years and he is prohibited from entering or being in or on the following places: Morrisons, Roman Way, Malvern including the surrounding car park; Malvern Theatre, Graham Road, Malvern and the surrounding Priory Park/Winter Gardens; the Co-op in Worcester Road, Malvern and Yates Hay Road near Dyson Perrins School.

He is also prohibited from refusing to leave a premises or area when asked by someone who has authority to do so.

Glover is banned from making threats, acting aggressively or being verbally abusive towards others or using foul language in a public place within the hearing of anyone likely to be caused alarm, harassment or distress.

The order prohibits him from associating in any public place with a number of named individuals.

Sgt Simon Hallam from the Malvern Hills Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "This significant result is an example of the culmination of work by Malvern Hills Patrol, Safer Neighbourhood and Anti Social Behaviour team officers.

"Mr Glover has caused much issue within the Malvern area in recent times and it is hoped that these imposed restrictions will assist in the curbing of further offending behaviour.

"It is our aim to divert such young individuals from an offending mindset however if he continues to disregard these restrictions then I would urge residents to contact officers appropriately in order that positive action can be taken quickly."