COMMUTERS say Worcestershire’s new railway station lacks shelter and seating on the platforms – but bosses say that's because they want people to wait inside the main building.

Worcestershire Parkway station opened on Sunday, February 23, after more than 30 years of planning.

Commuter Sarah Duffy, from Kempsey, said: “It looks nice and shiny but there’s nowhere to sit on the platform. They will need to get some benches. On a rainy day you need more shelter on the platform. The parking is confusing. It’s not that distinctive where the bays are in the disabled area. It was not clear whether you need to buy a parking ticket in a disabled bay – there’s no machines. Turns out you don’t need a ticket.”

Ms Duffy added: “It’s fantastic it’s finally here. It will be really handy to catch the train from here rather than going through the city."

Vanessa Potts added: “There should be somewhere to get refreshments, even a coffee machine will do."

Lauretta Bloomer, from Worcester, said: “I am thrilled it’s finally opened because I work in Cardiff and it will save me a lot of time travelling. In terms of the train station itself, it’s not ideal for disabled people or the elderly. There’s no shelter, so people going off to work in their nice suits will not be impressed when we have bad weather.”

A GWR spokesman said: “There is space allocated within the station for a retail unit and we are working to secure a permanent tenant as soon as possible. In the meantime arrangements have been made for a mobile outlet in the interim which we expect to be in place shortly.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “The platforms at Worcestershire Parkway Station are designed in line with agreed rail industry standards for out of town, parkway stations. Most of the shelter provided is in the building itself which, especially in this case, has plenty of room so passengers do not need to stand on the platforms for long periods of time.

"A large number of information screens have been provided within the station building to enable passengers to track their train, then proceed to the platform when ready. Seating provision is being considered by GWR and they will be monitoring how passengers use the new station before they implement the seating to ensure they get the location right first time.”