A DRUG dealer was told he faces a significant prison sentence after a jury found him guilty of planning to sell heroin in Malvern, following a trial at Worcester Crown Court.

Having deliberated for just over an hour, the jury of 11 found Usman Shazad, 26, guilty of possessing heroin with intent to supply.

The jury also convicted him on a second count of conspiracy to supply class A drugs, cocaine and heroin, with Rubel Miah, 30, of Birmingham, who pleaded guilty to the charge last year.

The trial heard that the pair had been stopped by police in North Malvern Road, Malvern, on June 23, 2018.

Prosecutor Michael Aspinall told the jury that the heroin was found on Miah, but he said: “Just because one person had it on them doesn’t mean another couldn’t also be in possession.”

The prosecution also highlighted evidence that a phone, found with Shazad’s fingerprint on it, had a number of drug dealing contacts with MAL or MALV next to their name. Mr Aspinall has also said the business was a “joint enterprise” and said £165 found on Shazad was from the proceeds of drug dealing.

Shazad gave evidence in his defence and told the jury he was not a drug dealer and went to Malvern that day to go to an Indian restaurant, and to see the sunset on the Malvern Hills. But the jury didn't believe him and were unanimous in their guilty verdict.

Following the verdict yesterday, Simon Ward, for Shazad, asked Judge Robert Juckes for an adjournment for a pre-sentence report to be done. The judge granted this, adding that in any event he wanted to adjourn so that both Miah and Shazad could be sentenced together.

Mr Aspinall added that, under sentencing guidelines, Shazad could face between four to eight years in jail - which the judge agreed was the possible sentence. The judge added: “This court almost always passes custodial sentences for the dealing of drugs, he (Shazad) must know that.”

Shazad and Miah will be sentenced at Worcester Crown Court on March 6.

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