Firefighters were called out to 49 vehicles that were stranded in flood water over the weekend.

Group Commander James Banks. said: “On Saturday and Sunday alone, we were called out to 49 vehicles stuck in water and that figure has increased substantially over the last couple of days.

“Of considerable concern is that motorists are moving ‘Road Closed’ signs to drive into the flood water.

“This not only puts the drivers and their passengers at risk but also anyone who would then have to be called out to rescue them.

“The signs are there for a purpose and it’s not always clear what hazards may be beneath the flood water.

“On a practical front, drivers who proceed past ‘Road Closed’ signs and into flood water may find that their insurance is invalidated by their actions.”

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service are advising drivers to take extreme care while driving and not to enter flood water during the current spate conditions.