B SMITH Packaging, in Warndon, is a long established family business providing quality packaging, with more than 50 years experience.

The company supplied a range of branded products across a diverse client base from fish and chip boxes to luxury magnetic boxes, premium kraft paper bags and bags made from recycled plastic boxes.

They have also provided unique products such as cedar wood cigar humidors, cooler bags, bespoke tins and recycled ‘bags for life’ that address and reinforce their recycled, reuse, recyclable, responsible ethos.

The company, led by MD Andrew Smith, has risen like a phoenix from the flames since a devastating fire in 2008 and has taken the business from a product focused business to a bespoke sustainable packaging solution with strategic partnerships.

He said: “It’s all about building the client’s brand through effective packaging.”

As well as the physical items, they offer a storage and delivery solution to their clients with unique systems that can interact with their EPOS system.

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Andrew, whose father and grandfather set up the business in the 1960s, added: “The world of packaging has changed a lot since I joined in 1989. We are constantly innovating and looking at new technologies to offer a wider portfolio of brand packaging to our clients. One such example is our move into bespoke glassware.”

External pressures such as the issue of single-use plastics have also been top of the priority list and the Company has kept its clients up to date with an honest and dynamic approach. New substrates such as RPET, potato starch, corn starch are also being used as consumers become more environmentally aware.

Andrew explained that he took the decision to make each employee a shareholder in the business, to empower them to have a voice and so they could have a bit more when they retire.

He said: “Our employees and their dedicated customer service and loyalty led me to the decision to share the company ownership with the staff so now they are all shareholders within the business.

“My philosophy is ‘you can’t keep still’ - you have to constantly evolve and keep ahead of the game.”