A KIDDERMINSTER town councillor has launched his new dystopian novella inspired by the work of George Orwell.

Councillor Nigel Knowles, from Bewdley, has penned PIG TALK 4646AD, which he describes as a futuristic story set in between Orwell texts 1984 and Animal Farm.

In this novella, the world remains violent and ultra-political, where vicious men and women control West Mercia.

Slaves exist to serve the elite and an exploited underclass are without freedom or hope.

The story centres around Percy Cordite, a political officer who looks after pigs. In this world, people have developed 'human pigs' who are not eaten like the others.

Cordite develops a plan to attack the political elite and become a leader.

Nigel said: “I wrote Pig Talk in 2019. Perhaps there are overtones to Brexit, 1984 and Animal farm.

"The reality of slaughtering billions of animals for food in 2020 appals me.

"We should change to farming crops, fruit, vegetables etc, for the good of our environment, to protect the climate and most of all, protect the people of the world, millions of whom are starving and oppressed.

"We do need a new order that respects each individual. What we can’t have is what Orwell described as a “phoney belief in equality,” where some are more equal than others.”

The political new book is currently on sale at Wyre Forest Books, Load Street, Bewdley, and costs £9.99.