BUSINESS leaders in and around Worcester are hoping the result of last week's general election will bring much needed clarity and certainty, especially concerning Brexit.

Businesses including the British Chambers of Commerce and Worcester Bosch have all called for stability after last week's election, which saw Boris Johnson win a thumping majority.

Director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, Dr Adam Marshall said: “Restoring business, investor and consumer confidence and firing up the economy must now be the Prime Minister’s top priority.

"Campaign slogans must give way to a renewed focus on the details that matter.

"Our business communities need to see swift, decisive action to avoid a messy and disorderly exit from the EU and to tackle the barriers holding back investment and growth here in the UK.”

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Worcester Bosch director of technical communication and project management, Martyn Bridges, said the company hopes climate targets will be met and praised the range of environmental policies on offer during the campaign.

He said: "It has been widely reported that the 2019 general election was the climate election. Part of me agrees, and it was good to see that all major political parties have focused on environmental policies within their manifestos during the campaign trail.

"The Conservatives have specifically mentioned boilers in their manifesto, saying that they would allocate £6.3bn for environmental upgrades to homes, such as grants for improving boilers and insulation.

"Worcester Bosch and others in the industry have already been working towards through developing new technologies to help support this. However, the decarbonisation of heating and hot water is and will be one of the hardest to tackle and a realistic timeline is essential.

"This is realistic and achievable as it gives industry time to continue developing and suggesting new low carbon heating technologies, such as hydrogen gas."

CEO at communications firm DRPG, Dale Parmenter, said:“At last we get some certainty and hopefully some stability and leadership.

"Now we just have to see it unfold.

"It’s business as usual until then.”