A DUDLEY teenager who lead police on a five mile high speed chase after being kicked out of the family home by his mother for causing problems has been spared a custodial sentence.

Dominic Aston had been egged on to try and get away from the pursuing police car by passengers in his car who were members of the "wrong crowd."

The 18-year-old went over speed bumps at 50mph in residential areas before a stinger was placed in the path of his Ford Focus and that punctured one of the tyres.

Aston and the other occupants in the vehicle then jumped out while the car was still moving and they fled into nearby woodland but they were tracked to their hiding place by a police dog.

"The folly of all this is that a car like yours was never going to lose the police car," Judge Amjad Nawaz told the teenager at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Aston of Celandine Road, Wrens Nest admitted driving dangerously and without insurance or a licence and he was given a two year community order and disqualified from driving for two years.

Miss Samantha Powis defending said Aston had caused problems in the family and he had not been abiding by rules set down by his mother who had been forced to show him the door.

She said Aston had been "sofa surfing" with other so-called friends and they had encouraged him to drive the Ford Focus and to ignore instructions from the police to pull over.

But she stressed Aston and his mother had now resolved their difficulties with the Judge adding, "You ought to be grateful to your mother for giving you a second chance."