A CURRY house has got a one-star food hygiene rating after inspectors found flies in one of the storerooms.

But the city council has said it has since been re-inspected and many of the problems have been sorted.

Following its initial inspection last month, takeaway restaurant Anarkali was marked as ‘major improvement necessary’ by Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

The report at the eatery, based in The Tything, said: “The cleaning of the structure, containers and equipment throughout the premises was found to be unsatisfactory with poor areas found in storage areas. This needs to improve immediately.

“Ensure the entire premises is fully pest proof. Numerous gaps were found internally that may allow potential activity.

“Flies were found in one of the storerooms. You are required to investigate the reason for this and eradicate the problem.”

The report also said colour coded chopping boards were in use during time of inspection; however, salad items were being prepared on the red board which is used for raw meats. Cooked meats were being prepared on the green board which provides a “very high potential for cross contamination.”

The management were told to get new boards and carry out refresher staff training.

The report continued: “Ensure when storing food products in the freezer this is done using food standard containers and that food does not get ‘freezer burnt’ as with the chicken breasts found. Ensure pro-active cooling methods are used on high risk items such as rice.

“Ensure that only authorised persons/food handlers are in the kitchen area. Friends should not have access.”

An inspector visited the Worcester venue on October 17 and the city council said it found improvements when it revisited on October 30.

The curry house management was given a form to apply for a re-rating but this hasn’t been submitted yet.

A city council spokesman said: “The majority of matters which were previously highlighted have been actioned and there has been an obvious improvement.”

Jay Ali, manager at Anarkali said: “They visited last week and they were satisfied with everything. To get the star back you have to pay £165 for a re rating. I have got the form I just need to send it off. So basically they will come back again and give us the re-rating.”

The eatery was previously inspected last year on February 8 and was given a three-star rating, which means generally satisfactory.

Before this in August 2016, the eatery was marked as ‘good’ with a four-star rating. However, a few months before this in May, the takeaway fell under ‘improvement necessary’ category with two stars.