A PENSIONER has called smokers ‘selfish’ for smoking outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital despite there being prohibited signs in place.

Jenny Hall-Manchester, from Worcester, says she is ‘disappointed’ with the non-smoking signs at the hospital and describes it as a ‘PR stunt.’

Mrs Hall-Manchester has written to the hospital and City MP Robin Walker about her concerns.

She said: “As an outpatient to the hospital with medical problems, I find it very uncomfortable and not very pleasant inhaling the fumes from the selfish smokers at the entrance to the hospital.


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“Every time you go to the hospital you have to walk through people smoking by the entrance.

“It’s not supposed to be a smoking area. Although there are signs stating smoking is prohibited you will always find people with no consideration for other people smoking next to the signs.”

Mr Walker replied in his letter: “The trust have notified me that the policy is supported by hospital staff and security who should challenge offenders.”

Matthew Hopkins, chief executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “As a healthcare organisation we owe it to our patients, our visitors and our staff to do everything we can to deter people from smoking on our sites and to support and encourage anyone who wants to quit smoking.

“Although we have prominent signage across our sites clearly indicating to patients and visitors where smoking is not allowed, these warnings are often ignored. We appreciate that people often find themselves at our hospitals in stressful or distressing circumstances. “In those circumstances, it is not surprising that those who smoke may seek comfort in their habit, without recognising the impact it can have on others nearby. However, while that may explain these incidents, it does not excuse them.

“Our staff can, and do, challenge patients and visitors who they see ignoring the no smoking signs. We cannot and will not ignore the problem. We are setting up a working group which includes doctors, nurses and patients to look carefully at what has worked for other organisations, not just in managing the issues around smoking on site but also to encourage and support smokers to quit (whether they are patients, visitors or members of staff).”