A DAD with two children has complained about neighbours who he claims shout at the TV at 3am, try to rap and smoke cannabis – but they say there is 'no truth whatsoever' in the allegations he has made,

John Godby claims the neighbours, in Skiddaw Close, Warndon, have caused problems for his family for around two years.

The father-of-two alleges he can smell cannabis which makes his family's flat ‘stink’.

Mr Godby said: “We are fed up of being home and smelling weed. He shouts at his TV at 3am and his child is running around until 10pm. He tries to rap, and he listens to music really loud late at night. We have a newborn and a nine-year-old who is trying to sleep throughout all this. I really hate this place. We can’t have people over because of the noise. It’s embarrassing.”

Mr Godby says his wife Cindy, aged 30, has sciatica and chronic anxiety and the situation has made her condition worse, adding: “There are times she is sat at home crying because of what’s happening. We have had the ambulance round twice because of my wife’s panic attacks. Her anxiety has gone through the roof.”

The 44-year-old says he has repeatedly reported his neighbours to the housing association, Fortis Living, but just been told to contact the police.

He said: “Their floorboards are excessively loose so the sound comes through. I go and knock on their door but there’s never any answer. It’s so loud in there that they can’t hear me knocking. Police told us to avoid any contact with them in the street and stay out of each other’s way.”

Clare Greensall, Fortis' regional manager for communities and neighbourhoods, said: “We have spoken to the customer in question and we agreed that they write down the incidents over a two week period which we would then review at a meeting with them at the end of the month; the customer was happy with this approach. This visit will help us to decide what actions should be taken.”

The Worcester News contacted the neighbours and they said there is “no truth whatsoever in the malicious allegation that has been made.”


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