ANTI-depressant pills can be a life saver for many people who say they could not cope without them.

Painkillers have the same effect for many too.

However, as our front page illustrates today, they can be addictive and very hard to come off. So, do these drugs genuinely have the biochemical effects claimed for them and is there a need to hand out so many highly addictive opioid pills as reported on page 13 today? It’s a topic that divides opinion.

Doctors are under a huge amount of pressure and time constraints and often prescribing a pill can be an easy solution.

As for anti-depressants, many people are priced out of quick, easy access to psychotherapy and other forms of counselling which could help with issues such as anxiety and depression.

So, as with many of the issues, the matter comes down to resources and funding.

It’s clearly of concern when the Health Secretary says we are in the grip of an over-medication crisis concerning opioids. We are reassured by his promise of action and hope the crisis is resolved soon.