A CONVICTED knife-point robber denied being the masked man who smashed a window with a cricket bat, claiming he was sleeping with someone else's girlfriend at the time.

Tommy Lee Jauncey yesterday told a jury at Worcester Crown Court 'I don't even like cricket'. Jauncey, 22, previously of St George's Lane, Worcester, and Scott Fewtrell, 27, of Chedworth Drive, Warndon, Worcester, deny affray and being armed with a cricket bat and kitchen knife. Jauncey, who described himself as 'sexy with a big tattoo' said he was sleeping with 'a bird' at the time of the attack on convicted cannabis dealer Paul Taylor's terraced home in Mill Street, Diglis at 5.20pm on October 23, 2017. Jauncey refused to have a photo taken for an identification procedure. "I just don't want to help the police with their investigation" he said.

Police showed witness Sian Taylor an existing photo of Jauncey and she picked him out as the man who swung the bat at their living room window. Jauncey was also identified by a police officer as the driver of a Fiat Punto before the incident and the front seat passenger in the same car afterwards. Jauncey said it was 'mistaken identity'. Fewtrell accepts presence but denies he was at Mr Taylor's door with a knife, claiming he was there to get drugs. On the day of the incident a cricket bat and kitchen knife were thrown from the Punto while it was pursued by police.

Police have not performed any DNA testing on the items, the officer in the case telling the jury that was a detail 'overlooked by myself'. No fingerprints were found on the items.

Jauncey, Fewtrell and a 15-year-old were arrested the following day hiding in a garden shed in Holly Grove, Bevere, near Worcester after officers noticed the shed window steaming up.

Jauncey denies theft of a number plate found on the abandoned Punto, stolen from a car in Salters Close, Worcester on the day of the incident and stuck over the Punto's number plate with double-sided sticky tape. A print from Jauncey's left forefinger was found on the plate. He said he had just been sticking it back on as 'a favour'.

Fewtrell has admitted stealing the plate. No statement has been obtained from the woman Jauncey has provided as an alibi despite contact between her and the police. Jauncey said the woman told him alleged victim, ex-soldier Paul Taylor, 'has threatened her not to turn up to court'.

The trial continues.