You guys have been on the local music scene for a little while now. How did Dead Dads Club start out?

We started off playing a lot of open mic nights around Malvern. We eventually started getting more gigs and writing more songs, which after a few line up changes brought us here!

You guys are known for your sense of humour as well as for your songs. How important is it for you as a band to not take yourselves too seriously and have a bit of fun (as well as working hard of course!)?

Incredibly important. It’s a big part of who we are as a band. A lot of bands these says try too hard to look all serious and it can often end up with them just looking arrogant.

We always have fun doing what we do, and if we can show people that we’re having fun and enjoying playing then hopefully they will enjoy it more too.

You’re all good friends with other local bands, such as Nuns of the Tundra and more. What do you think of the support between bands within the Worcester music scene?

There are some really great bands in Worcester who we’re really close with (drummer James is wearing a T-shirt from fellow local band The Whipjacks). It’s really important to get to know the other local bands.

Everyone is in the same position – wanting to play good gigs and get their music out there – so there is no point in trying to be competitive against other bands because you just end up missing out on getting to know some ace bands.

If you’re friends with other people in the music scene, it becomes more of a community of people who will go to each other’s gigs and help each other get the word out about their music.

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I see you have been recording over at Revolt Recording – a popular new studio amongst local musicians – recently. Is there something exciting in the works here?

There is – we have been working on recording some stuff with Andy and Ebony, who always do such a good job.

We had a great time there, it’s really exciting to get things finally recorded and put out there.

Since the interview, DDC have announced their first official release, called Minimum Wage – the date is yet to be confirmed!

You’ve recently done a live session for The Premium Blend Radio Show on Hailsham FM. What would you say your best achievement as a band has been to date?

Well that was definitely a big one. We really loved having the opportunity to get our music out to a different area, and we had a really great time doing the live session.

Also, playing Lakefest 2019 is huge for us. Being on the same lineup as The Kaiser Chiefs is really exciting!

Finally, what can Worcestershire, and the world, expect from Dead Dads Club over the coming months?

We’re hoping to gig locally again soon, and obviously our new release is going to be fun for us!

You can catch Dead Dads Club at The Actress and Bishop in Birmingham on Sunday, August 25, or at Paradiddles on Saturday, September 7.