A FOOTBALL fan from Bromsgrove suffered a suspected heart attack after a defeat for his beloved Huddersfield Town - but his life was saved by opposition fans.

The supporter - said to be 62 years old by police - collapsed outside the Cardiff City Stadium, on Sloper Road, after Huddersfield's 2-1 loss in the Championship in South Wales on Wednesday night.

But Cardiff fans rushed to the aid of the man - who bystanders said was named Mr Vaughan - helping perform CPR before St John's Ambulance staff took over.

Andrew Bartley was one of the Cardiff supporters who leapt into action.

"I'd come out of the stadium shortly after the final whistle with a friend of mine," Andrew said.

"We got on to Sloper Road and I could see a group of people gathered around someone on the floor by the new houses.

"I could hear a lady, very upset, who clearly was the gentleman's wife.

"As I approached I could see a man checking his pulse but it was clear looking at the man's face there was something seriously wrong.

"I'm a dentist so have annual CPR training so knelt down to help where possible to the right of the gentleman facing the other man.

"Between the two of us we began administering CPR via chest compressions and rescue breaths.

"It was quite tiring so we took it in turns giving compressions and I think we probably did them for a few minutes but it could have been less - I didn't really have much concept of time at that stage.

"In the meantime an ambulance was called and two gentlemen from the stadium arrived with an emergency medical bag and a defibrillator.

"I was able to open his shirt up and they applied the pads and quickly saw that his heart needed shocking which was done."

At that point, ambulance workers took over and the man was taken to the University Hospital for Wales, where his condition was described as stable on Thursday.

A Huddersfield Town spokesperson said: "We’re aware of the incident and are making contact with the man's family."