'MISSING' money previously earmarked for regenerating Rubery High Street will be used to benefit the village in other ways, insist council chiefs.

Bromsgrove District Council several years ago agreed to spend £75,000 on revamping the High Street.

However, Cllr Peter McDonald said much of the work, particularly pavement resurfacing, had been paid for by Worcestershire County Council and said there was at least £40,000 left over.

District council leader Cllr Karen May disputed the amount, insisting it was £5,000 less, and said a working group will be set up to decide how the money is spent.

Cllr McDonald had told the Advertiser: “It has been some years now since the District Council agreed a sum of £75,000 to be spent on the regeneration of Rubery High Street.

"Most of the work such as the resurfacing of part the pavement has been carried out by the County Council and not been taken out of the £75,000.

"In addition the County Council have now agreed to resurface the rest of the pavement in the High Street and once again this will not come out of the £75,000 allocated by the District Council.

"However, since the small green was developed by the District Council at the junction with Callowbridge Road nothing has happened since.

"Although there is still at least £40,000 left from the £75,000 that should be spent on flower boxes, street furniture and a bus shelter, it would seem the outstanding £40,000 has disappeared.

"My concern is that the money has now been spent elsewhere and I have asked the Chief Executive for his assurance that is not the case and we will see the monies spent on Rubery’s High Street enhancements.” In response, Cllr May said: “This money is far from missing - in fact we have a schedule of how this money, which is around the £35k mark, will be spent.

“We are presently discussing setting up a small working group to ensure the money is targeted in the areas with the maximum benefit for the community of Rubery.”