WORCESTERSHIRE County Council has been accused of putting future generations of Bromsgrove youngsters at risk - all because it can not find space for a single simple container.

Pupils at Holywell Primary School in Rubery have been highlighting the importance of recycling hard plastics and the need to reduce the amount going to landfill.

However, to the school's shock and horror, Worcestershire County Council told them that it did not provide the facility to recycle hard plastics.

Bromsgrove councillor Peter McDonald said everyone must work together to combat climate change and blasted the council for its lacklustre reply.

He said: "It does beggar belief that the county council refuses to recycle hard plastics when all it needs to do is supply a container to collect them, not rocket science.

"The official response from the portfolio holder was that they have not got room for a container."

He added: "To say there is no room for a container when knowing the dangers associated with landfill is putting future generations at risk, all because the county council cannot be bothered to find space for a container."

The cllr said that on behalf of the pupils he will be putting a motion to the county council at a meeting tonight (Thursday, July 18) calling for the authority to provide a container, and help secure a future for young people.