A DECISION on a controversial application for a service station on the Broadway Road Roundabout has been deferred by planners.

The application has been submitted by William Gilder Ltd, and is for a new secure roadside truck stop facility, including associated HGV and car parking, drivers facilities building, vehicular access, security hut, service yard and landscaping.

But the application has been opposed with Worcestershire Regulatory Services saying it anticipated it would fall below the criteria for an air quality, and a number of objectors giving reasons against it including A44 congestion, noise and disturbance to residents living near the site, air and light pollution, the visual impact and the loss of agricultural land.

The applicant has called it a much needed roadside facility, adding: "There is government recognition and support for the provision of truck stop facilities.

"Without roadside facilities, lorry drivers are often subject to park in laybys or along the side of roads, which can be detrimental to both the safety of drivers and other road users."

The site did have 116 responses in favour, highlighting the employment opportunities, that the location is ideal for a truck stop at the junction of two major roads both well used by HGVs and that the A46 is a very congested road where many opportunities are needed for stopping.

At the latest planning meeting, held on May 30, ward councillors asked the committee to "properly consider" the application.

Bengeworth Councillor Emma Stokes pointed out the site had a plan for a 24 hour cafe, and reminded the committee an application for a 24 hour McDonald's had been turned down in the past, due to the impact on residents living nearby.

Fellow Bengeworth Councillor Martin King also made a plea for the application to be "considered carefully".

"Please bear in mind once approved there is no rowing back, there is no option to reconsider," he added.

During the councillors debate, there was some discussions whether the site would be better located somewhere else.

But Councillor Rob Adams stressed that they had to look at the application before them, and not speculate whether other sites nearby would be more suitable.

"I do think this would benefit from a site visit and I would propose the visit," he said.

Councillor Tony Rowley said: "That seems a reasonable proposal.

"What I would say is this site is on the strategic highway network, it is a use that there is a demand for.

"We should be looking what is before us, and not what other sites there are.

"I think the scheme is a good scheme, I think it would benefit a site visit."

Councillor Andrew Dyke added: "I live a mile from this site, I think deferment is an excellent idea."

A vote was taken, and a deferral of the application was unanimously agreed.

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