WORCESTER Foodbank received a generous donation from a local firm, after staff rallied round to help those in need.

Worcester Bosch staff donated items to the Foodbank after hearing that foodbank use in the city is reportedly 40 per cent higher than at the same stage last year.

Corporate communications manager Sue Pennington heard of the foodbank's needs and decided to ask staff to donate food in two large boiler boxes.

Within a week, colleagues had filled the two boxes.

Mrs Pennington said: "It was a fantastic response from a very caring team of people, and it was a great example of community spirit.

"We filled the boxes within a week and it was not just the ordinary things you would think of like tea, coffee and beans.

"People brought little treats like biscuits and shampoo and shower-gel sets so it wasn't just the usual stuff.

"I think we were all shocked to hear how much the foodbank is needed in Worcester and so we are so proud of everyone for getting involved to make a difference."

This is the first time Bosch has aligned itself with the foodbank, and, according to Worcester Foodbank, three areas in Worcester are in the top 10 per cent most deprived areas in England, and 17 per cent of children are estimated to live in poverty.

Grahame Lucas, manager of Worcester Foodbank, said: "We are so grateful to Bosch and everyone who got involved.

"Food is absolutely fundamental to helping people with very complex needs because if you are starving, your ability to fix problems and get your life back on track is much less.

"You have to help people make the first step and food is absolutely crucial to that."

Mr Lucas said that the efforts of Bosch and their staff will influence their future campaigns, adding: "We are going to invite businesses from all over Worcestershire to do similar things to Bosch.

"While it is encouraging that we have had such a great response, it is still worrying that the number of people who need to use foodbanks has gone up."