MATT Jackson heads The Company Solicitor in Worcester, a new division of The Specialist Law Group.

The Specialist Law Group was set up in November 2015, trading as The Employment Solicitor and in the summer of 2018 the firm launched The Company Solicitor and The Immigration Solicitor.

Matt, 32, spent 7 years working at a Worcester firm before moving first to Cheltenham and then to Birmingham.

Matt was introduced to Helen Moore, the co-founder of The Specialist Law Group, in early 2018 and says he was attracted to Helen’s "innovative" approach.

Matt said: “Helen and I hit it off straight away.

I could see that the group was different and was a really unique and progressive law firm driving change among legal and business services.

"From our meeting we recognised that we could replicate the firm’s success with The Employment Solicitor in offering commercial, corporate, employment and immigration services for businesses."

Matt, 32, said he finds being open and honest with clients and colleagues yields the best results. He said: “I tell them what I think they need to hear and I am not afraid to challenge views that I don’t agree with or to suggest innovative ways to tackle an issue.

"That builds up a relationship of trust which leads to long lasting business connections.”

The Company Solicitor has attracted clients looking for a different approach.

The recruitment of corporate lawyer Ruth Murday, a former colleague of Matt’s from his time in Birmingham, enabled The Company Solicitor to further expand the services it can offer.

Matt said: “We hand pick our talented lawyers who embrace the firm’s fresh and exciting approach.

"It is great to be working with Ruth again.

"We complement each other really well.

"I can come up with some off the wall ideas and Ruth’s calm and measured approach ensures that we really analyse what is possible, what is not, and then find the best approach for our clients."

On the company's array of local and national clients, Matt said: “We understand the importance of making every client feel cared for and we go the extra mile for them.

"Clients are consistently impressed by our stunning offices in Diglis Basin - our difference is obvious to them right from their first impression."