KEEPING the Splashpad in Gheluvelt Park safe for children and their families is a top priority, says Worcester City Council.

The council came under fire from the public after the Splashpad was put out of action due to technical problems on Easter Monday, which was one of the warmest days of the year so far.

The council says that overall, the Splashpad’s track record is pretty good.

Claire Neville, the council’s communications officer, said: “In 2018, the facility was open for over 100 days, had to be be closed down on two occasions for a few hours.

“Council’s have no statutory responsibility to provide this type of facility, and a number around the country have closed. It’s therefore no surprise that people come to Worcester form far and wide to use it.

“As one of the city’s favourite spots to cool off, it’s probably no surprise that tempers can reach boiling point on the odd day when the Splashpad needs to close for maintenance, as was the case on Easter Bank Holiday Monday.”

Mark Worrall, the council’s green space team supervisor, said sophisticated equipment works behind the scenes to make sure the water is safe.

He said: “It’s not just like turning on a tap. A number of checks are conducted every day to make sure it is safe to open.

“Leaves and detritus are blown from the surface, which is also checked for damage. Then the whole surface is sprayed with a biocide. The water quality is tested three times a day to check pH and chlorine levels. Temperature checks are carried out every day too.”

And he urged the public to follow the rules posted beside the Splashpad to ensure that the water supply remains clean and uncontaminated.