THE FIRST person to receive a bursary from Kington Choral Society will use it to further her musical career as she sets her sights on Cardiff.

Serena Jopson received £500 towards the costs of music study and expenses, which paid for extra singing lessons with teachers from conservatoires in Cardiff and Birmingham.

The 24-year-old will start a her degree in the Welsh capital in September, and praised her town's choral society for what they have done for her over the past five years.

Miss Jopson said: "When I joined KCS I was new to singing in a choral society and not always the most diligent choir member, I didn't even bring a pencil with me! After a couple of years, I started singing lessons with Roger Langford and performed my first solo in November 2015.

"The bursary is fantastic. It was set up specifically to support up-and-coming young singers and has really helped me to develop as a musician. Not only is there a very welcome £500 towards the costs of music study and expenses, there are also many opportunities to develop musical skills in a safe environment.

"Robert (Evans, director) the committee and all the choir members are so kind and respectful. Lots of little things that I have been asked to do have helped both myself and the choir.

"As a bursary student I feel very supported and cared for. Everyone asks for feedback on exams and interviews and there is an abundance of honorary grandmothers ready to listen, advise and assure you that they believe in you. Standing up to sing a solo you know that there are 70 people literally right behind you cheering you on."

The group will be looking for other young musicians to benefit from the bursary at the start of the academic year in September.

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