PICTURED here is the flag of England proudly fluttering above Hereford Cathedral to mark St George's Day – or is it?

According to the church, it wasn't St George's Day today, as most people thought.

Yes, it is normally April 23, but this year isn't normal.

When a festival such as Easter coincides with a saints' day, the church does not allow them to overlap, and the festival takes precedence.

So this year, St George's Day falls on April 29 – next Monday – if you are Church of England.

To add to the confusion, the Catholic Church transfers the saint's day to April 30.

So, if you have already celebrated the day, you can do it twice more and be right each time!

We suspect proud Englishmen and women won't worry at all if the flag is flying a little longer and gets a little more attention this year than it sometimes does.

A spokesman for Hereford Cathedral said: "We are currently flying the flag for the Octave of Easter, which is why the flag will remain up through the week. We will, of course, then fly the flag again for St George’s Day.