PHONE masts in Worcester are to be upgraded and one part made five metres taller, drawing opposition from some residents.

The masts, located on the old golf course on Tolladine Road, are the subject of a planning application from MBNL, a company which is a joint venture between EE and Three.

The plans are to upgrade the existing masts including the removal of the existing 15-metre tree tower, including all antenna, dishes &

ancillary equipment.

Also included is a new 20-metre tower with 12 antennae, four 600mm dishes plus ancillary equipment.

The existing ground-based cabinets will be removed and eight new cabinets will be installed.

The plans have been met with some criticism from residents however, with several responses criticising the development.

One neighbour, Miranda Colley, wrote: “Whilst I understand the need for this to be there, the way in which the current one has been emphatically blended in to the environment is great.

“In this day and age where green space is disappearing daily do I really need to be reminded every day by looking at this minion space station?”

Another resident, Emily Price, said: “This proposed mast is going to be even more of an eyesore than the last one.

“I have lived here many years and it is only the last few years that foliage in front of this awful tree mast has started to screen it from my garden view.

The new mast will not only be 5 metres taller but of a hideous design that will not fit into any part of this area sympathetically.”

Michelle Alexander, from Warndon Parish Council, said: “We welcome the development and roll-out of new technology which improves the internet and communications connectivity necessary for Worcester residents to work and live efficiently.

“However we emphasise the concerns of local residents, their elected representatives and the local authority’s landscape officer about the visual impact that would be caused by replacing the current camouflaged “tree type” mast with a taller and wider one that is not camouflaged.”

“It would be a highly embarrassing and regrettable situation if an uncamouflaged mast were to be installed in this high-impact location shortly before camouflaged ones became available.”