THERE was a mixed reaction to the Worcester News story about a parking ticket being overturned for Worcester Street Cafe, with some defending the traffic warden who gave charity workers the ticket.

Commenting on Facebook, Daniel Turner wrote: "Can't have one rule for them and one rule for everyone else.

"They put yellow lines there for a reason, even if the place is empty it still doesn't give you the right to park whether you are a charity or not."

In response, Paul Steel wrote: "Not really, you just have to use your noggin, something people with a sniff of authority rarely do theses days.

"If they were not causing an obstruction, and it’s obvious what was going on, you would have to be a complete cretin to give them a ticket. If they were parked up to go to the shops that would be a different matter."

Stu Green wrote: "The traffic warden who issued the ticket, should undertake training and learn to talk to people manage the situation and report process.

"If they have already been trained in this then failing to do your job properly in accordance with your job description should result in termination of employment, simple."

In reply, Kieran Hooper wrote: "So the traffic warden shouldn’t have given them a ticket? Pretty sure that’s their job description."

The row first broke out when charity workers from the Worcester Street Cafe were fined £70 for parking on double yellow lines while taking food to the homeless.

A city council spokesman said they had been told to move to a nearby car park before the tickets were issued.