Amit Panwar, manager of the Marlbank Inn in Malvern, comes from a distinguished background. His father Ram was one of India’s finest chefs in the 1970s, heading up Claridge’s Hotel in Delhi and being the head chef of Air India’s flight kitchen.

Amit looked back saying: “My dad came over here in the late 70s, he had been selected out of about 500 chefs in Delhi for an apprenticeship type competition.

“He came here to represent traditional North Indian cuisine and what he saw here was a lot of places really misrepresenting Indian food and not being true to the roots of the dishes.

“Some of these dishes are centuries old and it is really important to keep them alive.”

Amit’s journey into running the Marlbank started when he was at college. Looking back, he said: “My parents were amazing cooks but when I was at art college, I couldn’t even fry an onion.

“I thought to myself ‘I need to know more about these dishes’ and so I used to phone home whenever I was cooking and be talked through how to cook the dishes by my mum.

“It was baby steps at first but eventually my mum and dad were able to impart that wisdom on to me and I was able to learn proper North Indian cookery.

“Cooking Indian food properly is a real art and requires a lot of skill.

"Even putting just a little bit too much of one ingredient can totally unbalance the dish so that was something dad really drilled into me.”

Amit, 35, took over the Marlbank in 2018, and outlined his vision for the place, saying: “What we want to do is be a fresh take on a traditional pub and incorporate world flavours.

“Food is obviously very important, but we want it to be known as a place where people can come not only for a meal, but also if they just want somewhere to go for a drink.

“We are also incredibly lucky here with the incredible views we have of the Malvern Hills which really makes this a special place to live and work.”