The Goldsmithy in Broadway is a family business celebrating its 40th year and, despite some change, there is no sign of them slowing down soon.

The business was set up in 1978 by Terry Waldron and is now run by his son Simon. Simon, 48, said working in the family business was not always his dream, saying: “When I was about 14 or 15 I really wanted to be a farmer.

“The only problem was my parents did not own a farm so that was rather a problem.

“I hadn’t given much thought to working in the shop till I was about 16 and helped out making things but once I had done it was a natural progression into working here.

“The training is something I picked up over a long time. When I was a teenager and was making things, it was not that big a risk because if you made a mistake you could just melt it down and start again.

“The training is very thorough, but it is essential.”

One of the key aspects to Goldsmithy’s success has been return business. Simon has made wedding rings for couples and then gone on to do the same for their children further down the line.

According to Simon it is this relationship with customers which makes the business what it is. He said: “We like to get to know people as well as what they want.

“That way we know what they are after and they know we are making them what they want.”

Over the 32 years he has been in the business, Simon says the biggest lesson he has learnt is the management of the business, saying, "I have essentially had to become an accountant as well as a jeweller.

"Having to handle all aspects of the business certainly teaches you a lot."

With the rise of the high-street jeweller, many bespoke jewellers have been forced out of business, but for The Goldsmithy, it has not stopped them, with over 80% of Simon's business being custom pieces.