Thursfields Solicitors is one of the Midlands’ largest law firms, with eight offices across the region, and the man in charge says it is down to teamwork and developing relations that has made the business a success.

Nick O’Hara, managing director of Thursfields, has had an interesting journey into business. Originally interested in studying science, he decided in his teens that law was a more exciting career path.

Born in Kidderminster, Nick says: “I was interested in science and took science A-levels, but that convinced me I didn’t want to do it.

“Law seemed a much more attractive career path so I went for that and I absolutely love it.

“I had no family background of law, no-one in my family studied or practised it. It really was a gut feel decision."

Having qualified as a lawyer, Nick rose through the ranks at Thursfields becoming a partner at 26, which he describes as ‘exceptionally young’ before eventually becoming managing director. This has changed his career dramatically, and he is now fully devoted to running the business, having stopped practising law several years ago.

One of the strengths of the business, according to Nick, is the team of staff he has been able to build. He described the conscious effort made by the firm to hire pro-active and dynamic people who are personable and willing to learn about their clients’ lives.

Nick said: “What I like is we have strong lawyers who are hungry for work and keen to build relations.

“The main thing I like to do as a manager is make sure I and my staff are constantly challenging each other.

“It keeps us on our toes and means we are always ready for more.”

To any young person thinking of starting out in the business world, Nick’s advice is to keep an open mind. He said: “I would always say to remember you can create your own career.

“There is nothing like hard work."