A REDDITCH charity is setting up a "much needed" bereavement group in the town.

Following feedback about the needs people have, local community charity Carers Careline is setting up a bereavement group at the Ecumenical Centre.

The aim is to give people who don’t know where to turn the opportunity to find helpful information, advice, and support.

The first meeting of the group will be on Saturday, October 20 and it will be held on the third Saturday of every month afterwards.

It will run from 10.30am until noon.

Fiona Mitchell, chief officer of Carers Careline, said that they have had a great many requests for a bereavement group where people can get together with others in the same situation in a neutral place.

"Quite often when people are bereaved, whether the death was expected or not, they have no idea where to turn for help," she said.

"Sometimes they have no one to talk about their experiences, their grief and how they are coping."

She added: "Our group will be open to anyone, regardless what stage in their journey they may be at. We think this is a much-needed resource.

"It’s an opportunity for those who don’t know where to turn to find empathy, helpful information and advice.

"If you want to know more, please contact us on 10527 66177 or email us at info@carerscareline.co.uk. We are very grateful to the Santander Discovery Fund who have given a grant towards the cost of delivering this work."

Carers Careline was set up 30 years ago and has been providing a range of support and information to carers in Redditch since then.

Not only is it still alive and kicking but during those three decades it has gone from strength to strength providing health, mental and emotional support to thousands of unpaid carers in the town who could not manage without help and who are not paid.

Based in the Ecumenical Centre, near the entrance to the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, the charity relies on funding from a number of organises to carry on its vital work.