A DANGEROUS rapist who beat a woman so badly he broke her face off her skull has been jailed.

Anthony Laine was jailed for 12 years and must serve an extended period of eight years on licence following the brutal attack by the river Severn in Bewdley.

The 30-year-old former drug addict, who had been sleeping in a tent by the river between Stourport and Bewdley, was jailed at Worcester Crown Court on Friday for a string of offences, the most serious of which were grievous bodily harm with intent (section 18) and two rapes.

He also admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and three common assaults.

A hotel worker in Kidderminster described the aftermath of the ABH as 'a bloodbath' with blood sprayed up the walls and on the mattress and door handle.

The grievous bodily harm took place by the river in Bewdley on August 10 last year.

The victim, who has no memory of the attack, was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood, regaining consciousness to identify the attacker when the ambulance arrived.

Timothy Sapwell, prosecuting, said the victim suffered a 10cm cut down the middle of her forehead, a v-shaped cut over her right eye and another over her left eye.

Both eyes were swollen shut and her eyelids had to be cut open to relieve pressure on her eyes.

A CT scan revealed serious underlying fractures to her face called ‘Le Fort Fractures’, one running above her teeth and upper jaw and another running from the bridge of her nose across the floor of the eye socket to the hinge of her jaw.

He said: “The front of the face was completely detached from the skull and smashed in two. It’s described in medical terms as floating face.”

The injuries were so severe medics said they were akin to those suffered during a car crash or as a result of 'a high velocity impact with heavy object'.

But the court heard that no evidence had emerged to prove conclusively that a weapon had been used.

Her injuries required a nine and a half hour operation. Bone grafts from other parts of the skull were used to repair her nose.

Metal plates and screws were put into her eye sockets, her cheek and jawbone.

She continues to suffer from double vision and infections following surgery which has meant plates have had to be removed and she faces a further 18 months of hospital visits, including operations.

In a recorded video interview the victim said: “It’s ruined my life. I come across as a strong person. I’m not really. I’m looking at lots more operations, lots more time in hospital.

"I’m in constant pain. I can’t eat properly. I have to eat soft food. I can’t chew anything at all. I can’t eat meat or even toast. I can’t open my mouth to yawn.”

She she she cried with the pain when cleaning her teeth and even walking and talking hurt her.

The victim does not like leaving the house because she feels people are looking at her and has no feeling in her top lip.

She has spent time since in both the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester.

Her nose was so badly broken medics struggled to administer an anaesthetic.

She added: “I’m still alive, that’s the only thing. I’m fed up with the pain. That’s what gets me down more than anything."

She said of her attacker: "Words can't express how scared I am."

Laine, who was seen by a witness running from the scene and sustained injuries to his hands in the attack, claimed in interview he had 'only punched her four or five times'.

Simon Rippon, defending, said his client was 'sorry' but added: "It doesn't seem enough, does it? He understands and appreciates the great harm he has done to her. He is, in my respectful submission, remorseful.

"There is some scope for him to be law abiding, when he's not in drink."

He said although the case had gone to trial his client had admitted guilt on the second day, sparing the GBH victim 'the trauma and stress of giving evidence'.

The offences all took place at various locations including Worcester, Kidderminster and Bewdley between July 5 and August 10 last year.

One attack showed him punching a victim at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on a camera near A&E.

Laine has a previous conviction for a section 20 grievous bodily harm when he glassed his father in 2008 for which he was jailed for 21 months and a caution for battery.

His honour Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC said: "There is a significant risk of the defendant causing serious harm to members of the public, particularly women."

An indefinite sexual harm prevention order was also made and a restraining order preventing Laine having contact with the victim of the GBH. He must sign the sex offender's register.

Three further rape charges will be allowed to lie on file.

Detective Constable Nicola Nevin who investigated the case said: “The victim in this case has shown tremendous courage both during this investigation and throughout her extensive treatment and I would like to praise the remarkable strength she has shown.

“This was an unprovoked and incredibly violent attack which left her with serious long term injuries for which she is still undergoing complex and very painful surgery.

"I am glad to say that the severity of the offence is reflected in today’s result and we hope that this sends a very clear message.

"Offences of this nature are taken very seriously by police and will always be thoroughly investigated."