Amazon’s Prime Video has unveiled the release date and first-look images for the hotly anticipated return of Clarkson’s Farm.

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper and co are set to return for series three of the record-breaking Amazon Prime farm show later this year.

The hit docuseries will see Mr Clarkson and the beloved gang face yet more challenges on Diddly Squat farm.

Directors say Mr Clarkson will be coming up with creative new ways of making ends meet at the farm in Chadlington which he opened in 2020.

Prime Video has promised audiences can expect in-depth, authentic, and unexpected trials and tribulations as Jeremy, Lisa, Kaleb, Gerald and Cheerful Charlie tackle the ever-unpredictable world of British farming.

When is Clarkson's Farm season three available to stream?

Clarkson’s Farm season three will launch on Friday, May 3, exclusively on Prime Video.

How can I watch Clarkson's Farm season three?

Clarkson’s Farm series 3 will be available on Prime Video on May 3. Prime Video is included with your Prime Membership which costs £8.99 per month and £95 per year.

Prime members can watch all three series of Clarkson’s Farm for free as well as thousands of other shows and movies.

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What can I expect in Clarkson's Farm season three?

The third series of Clarkson’s Farm will find Diddly Squat facing some daunting challenges involving failing crops, sky-high supply prices and the potential closure of the farm shop.

Mr Clarkson also has his dreams for the beloved restaurant dashed and is forced to come up with creative new ways of making ends meet.