Celebrity Big Brother is to be much "tougher" this year, according to show hosts Will Best and AJ Odudu.

The ITV show is returning on Monday for its popular celebrity edition, seeing big names in politics, showbiz and more enter the house.

This comes as fans of the show speculate on who the housemates will be with many predicting that stars like Nikita Kuzman and Sharon Osbourne will be among those on our screens.

Will Best and AJ Odudu say Celebrity Big Brother will be much 'tougher' this year

Discussing the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother, Will Best shared: "I think he [Big Brother] can definitely be more mischievous and cheeky."

AJ Odudu added: "I do think with the celebs, just taking them away from all of the luxuries, no riders, the economy budget for shopping, sharing the kitchen, sharing the bedroom. They're gonna be used to living by themselves."

Discussing how the series will differ from the 'civilian' version of the show, Will said: "It'll be really interesting because we'll be immediately, in episode one, we're gonna find out what people's preconceived opinions are of these celebs and then we'll see that change in a way that you wouldn't do right from the start to right to the end on the civilian version. So yeah, really excited."

AJ also revealed that she is desperate for a US star to enter the house, saying: "I definitely want to see someone from Selling Sunset, I want an American.

"They never quite fully understand the concept and they never know who the other UK celebrities are. The two worlds colliding is always perfection to watch.

We want some A-list celebrities to get in there and ask where's the champagne? We went them to think it's going to be luxurious, but we've given them an economy shopping budget."

Will, on the other hand, said he would love to "have a mix of ages," adding: "It's that intergenerational thing and seeing the difference between old-school celebrities and new ones. I want a musician, a sports person, a royal, a reality personality, they are part of the fabric of our current celebrity culture."