It’s been almost a year since the last episode of Death In Paradise aired on February 24 in 2023.

But many fans are now wondering when series 13 of the much-loved BBC show will air this year.

It comes as the broadcaster aired a trailer for the British drama last night on TV (January 22) which included “coming soon” but it is yet to be available online to watch.

The trailer didn’t hint at much of what DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) and friends get up to, other than a lot of “sun and sand, and the occasional murder mystery that needs to be solved,” according to Digital Spy.

However, this could mean the timeframe for the release date has been “narrowed”.

The entertainment publisher added: “Considering that the show historically kicks off a new series in early-to-mid January, fans were perhaps hoping for a concrete premiere date.

“When a TV has 'coming soon' in a trailer, it often means it's coming out within the next month or so."

Will Death In Paradise return in 2024?

After @deathinparadise posted a new clip on X (formerly Twitter), showing a heartfelt conversation between DI Neville Parker and his mum Melanie (Doon Mackichan), BBC viewers have pleaded “stop teasing us” and “give us an air date.”

One person replied: “You gotta start the new series and stop teasing. We're usually 2 episodes in by now!”

“Could do with the new series starting now, as it's so cold outside,” added another.

This user asked: “Please stop teasing us and just tell us when the new season is starting.”

“PLEASE stop it with this 'Coming Soon' malarkey and give us an air date! All the promises of special treats and surprises to celebrate the hundredth episode are not compensating one iota. Kindly get your butts into gear,” remarked this fan.

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Someone desperate for a release date wrote: “What's the delay?? Normally it's on our screens by now! Why haven't you announced the start date? Even if it's not starting just yet it would be nice to have a date at least.”

This account wants to know “what’s happening”, asking: “OK what's happening why is DIP not showing its normally on by now!  We are missing youuuuu????”

“You are a tease. just put us out of our misery and give us a date,” requested this person.

You can watch previous episodes of Death in Paradise on the BBC iPlayer.