I know I’m not the only one who suffers from dry skin in the winter as the temperature drops and the daylight disappears.

My skin has taken a particular beating over the last week due to the Arctic blast that has been sweeping across the UK and it’s the last thing I can be bothered with amongst the January blues.

That’s why when I was hunting for winter rescue remedies online in preparation for the snow and ice, I came across this year’s Lush Valentine collection.

I’m not one to wish away the year but I will happily welcome Valentine's Day, Pancake Day and Easter in January, because what else does it have to offer?


If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift from Lush this year then look no further. This at-home spa saved my skin 🧖🏻‍♀️🛁💗

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Seeing the Lush Valentine collection available made me realise I was long overdue for some self-care and it felt needed more than ever – could it be the at-home spa I have been craving?

Why the Lush Valentine 2024 collection saved my skin this winter

If I went into great detail about every Lush product I have been able to get my hands on recently, I would simply run out of words.

So, I’ve decided to rave about the ones that have healed my dry, dull skin in the hopes of it working for you too.

Passion Fruit Delight Body Wash

This has the ultimate scent for those with a sweet tooth as it reminded me of an orange Jelly Baby.

I loved how playful this was as it comes in the shape of a squishy orange cube, similar to a chunk of Turkish Delight.

Cotswold Journal: My Li’l Chia Piglet Soap almost smells edibleMy Li’l Chia Piglet Soap almost smells edible (Image: Newsquest)

But it’s not just the smell that’s addictive, it’s the fact it lathers up well and makes you feel clean without that “squeaky clean and dry” feeling – for something so small, it’s very replenishing and packed with a lot of goodness.

Posh White Chocolate and Rose Body Wash

I can only describe this as feeling like a melted luxury Kinder Bueno but in a non-gross way.

Although it’s a body wash, it also felt like a moisturiser too as it softened my arms and legs.

It was worth having to defend myself from my dog when I got out of the bath as I became very lickable.

Love Burger Bath Gift

This might be one of the most mood-uplifting products I have seen Lush create.

It’s packed in an origami-style box and wrapped just like a burger – it even has fruity-scented layers made up of bath bombs, a bubble bar and soap – bringing together all of Lush’s classic products for a 4-in-1 effect.

Winter Skincare: How to Combat Dry Skin

Rose Argan Massage Bar

I was mostly excited to try this because I knew it was what my skin needed the most.

Not only does it look pretty, but the scent is exactly how it’s described and it did just the job.

I’ve used Lush massage bars in the past and one quality I love is how long-lasting they are, meaning you certainly get your money's worth and have plump skin for months on end.

Flower Bombshell Bath Bomb

You can’t go wrong with an iconic Lush bath bomb and this is no exception. Not only was it fun to unwrap and discover the rose petals inside, but it can be used in two halves.

I used one on its own and it provided enough bubbles and moisture for my skin, all whilst shimmering away and steaming my bathroom with a floral spa-like aroma.

Cotswold Journal: What Lush products are your go-to skin saviours?What Lush products are your go-to skin saviours? (Image: Newsquest)

This is what I tried from the Lush Valentine 2024 collection

  • Love Burger Bath Gift
  • Kiss Me Quick Shower Jelly
  • Rose Argan Massage Bar
  • Posh White Chocolate and Rose Body Wash
  • New Romantics Perfume
  • Passion Fruit Delight Body Wash
  • Queen Of Hearts Lush Melt
  • My Li’l Chia Piglet Soap
  • Flower Bombshell Bath Bomb
  • I Heart You Eye Pads Eye Mask

You can see the entire Lush Valentine collection here.

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From floral bath bombs to chocolate body washes and rose massage bars, this collection has it all, whether it's for you or a loved one who needs to switch off and relax this winter.

What day does Lush Valentine stuff go on sale?

The Lush Valentine collection is now on sale and has been available in-store and online since January 4.