Jeff Brazier has opened up about how his sons Bobby and Freddie Brazier remember their late mum Jade Goody at Christmas.

Sadly, Jade died in 2009 at the age of 27 after being diagnosed with cervical cancer – Bobby was five years old at the time and his younger brother Freddie was only four.

Since then, Jeff said he always wanted Christmas Day to be “a day they [Bobby and Freddie] enjoyed.”

The TV presenter added: “But then I quickly realised on the first Christmas that I'd made a mistake hoping we could get through the day without feeling sad or overwhelmed.


"I learned that it wasn't possible for Christmas to be the same anymore."

Speaking about how special Jade used to make Christmas for the family, Jeff told The Mirror: “She was the best at Christmas. She went as far as putting out mince pies, festive characters and footprints on the floor.

“It was long before Elf on the Shelf was invented and I'd never seen anyone go to such lengths to make Christmas Day as special as she did."

Jeff Brazier reveals son Bobby's special Christmas tradition to remember his mum

Explaining the heartbreaking changes he had to make for the boys on Christmas, the 44-year-old went on to say: "I learnt to make the morning all about their mum. So we would release balloons or do something special - and that's actually where our swimming in the sea tradition comes from.

"We would often go to a beach and just reflect. When you make the morning about mum, it gives you permission to enjoy the rest of the day and helps you recognise what's missing.”

Jeff also revealed how the boys will be spending Christmas Day this year.

He said: “We have a tradition of travelling in the campervan to a beautiful coastline and going for a dip in the morning. We'll find somewhere really pretty near wherever we are to have our Christmas dinner. We're all looking forward to heading off on Christmas Eve.”

EastEnders star Bobby Brazier pays tribute to late mum Jade Goody on Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing star Bobby, now 20, recently paid tribute to his mum on the BBC dancing competition.

Last week he performed an emotional couples choice to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell with professional partner Dianne Buswell.

It scored the pair an impressive 37 points and secured them a place in the quarter-finals.

Reflecting on how it felt to perform the routine in memory of his mum, he said: “It was a privilege. I knew (for) my couple’s choice I wanted (it) to be that.

“Although it was daunting to perform because that song is perfect… but I’m really, really, really glad I did.”