Aldi has sent a jokingly angry letter to Channel 4 after Tuesday's (November 14) episode of The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) saw contestants attempt to make a caterpillar cake. 

The remaining GBBO contestants Tasha, Matty, Josh, Dan and Cristy were tasked with making a caterpillar cake during one of the Party Week challenges. 

Aldi jokingly took offence to the likening the cake had to its own chocolate caterpillar cake - Cuthbert. 

This is not the first time the supermarket giant has been involved in a dispute over its famous caterpillar cake having previously been involved in a legal battle with M&S in relation to their Cuthbert and Colin the Caterpillar cakes.

However, Tuesday's letter to Channel 4 was much more light-hearted.

Aldi's letter to the Great British Bake Off after caterpillar cake challenge

Aldi took to social media following the Caterpillar Cake challenge on the GBBO on Tuesday (November 14) with a letter addressed to Channel 4 stating the show had been in "violation of Cuthbert’s rights". 

Aldi's letter read: "To Channel 4, We are intellectual caterpillar counsel to Aldi UK. We write to you regarding Channel 4’s violation of Cuthbert’s rights.

"Aldi has always been a big fan of the Great British Bake Off, and we’ve long craved a Hollywood handshake… But tonight’s episode really took the biscuit.

“Aldi is prepared to protect its caterpillar and pursue this matter to the fullest extent of the law.

"We certainly think a legal challenge would be a piece of… well, we think it would be easy.

"Therefore, we demand that you cease and desist from all further use of, and agree to permanently refrain from, any unlawful reference to, or use of, Cuthbert, including, without limitation, use of the image unless the team crown Aldi Star Bakers for the rest of the series (whilst Paul is dressed as a caterpillar).

“Hopefully this isn’t a case of us trying to have our cake and eat it, and we can avoid a Great British Face Off. Kind regards, Cuthbert’s legal team.”

An Aldi spokesperson has confirmed there is no current legal action against Channel 4.

"Simply the best" - fans in stitches after Aldi's Great British Bake Off gag

Fans of Aldi and GBBO took to social media in hysterics to Aldi's response to the caterpillar cake challenge on the show. 

One fan, commenting on Aldi's post on X (formerly Twitter), said: "Brilliant Aldi, just brilliant! You really are simply the best!"

Another commented: "Aldi your social media team are on fire once again."

A third person added: "I literally searched Aldi whilst watching bake off just to see the caterpillar comments and you didn't disappoint."

While another Aldi follower said: "Please tell me Channel4 and GBBO have replied and joining in on this banter! Love your humour Aldi!"