Chris Kamara appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning (November 9) as he discussed what it’s like to live with speech apraxia.

The former footballer left viewers upset during the segment of the programme he appeared in.

He broke down in tears as he talked about the effects of speech apraxia and the treatment he is receiving.

Chris Kamara was 'ashamed' of his speech apraxia

TV presenter and football pundit Kamara said he was initially “in denial” and “ashamed” of his apraxia and apologised to “everybody out there who's got a speech condition because it doesn't define who you are.”

Since talking about his speech condition, Kamara said getting it off his chest made him realise his family and friends were behind him, offering support.

While on the morning programme, Kamara told presenter Kate Garraway that her recommendation of treatment “is working” and thanked her for telling him about it.

Garraway explained that although she was “nervous” to tell Chris about the treatment that her husband Derek Draper had received, it’s “incredible” that it’s working for him.

GMB viewers ‘in bits’ as Chris Kamara talks about speech apraxia

Viewers and fans of Chris Kamara have taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their support.

One replied to a GMB tweet sharing the interview clips with both sad and happy emojis, saying: “I was in bits this is such a sad sad story. You ask yourself “why?” this had to happen to this wonderful man. I pray he continues with his therapy to speak and hopefully his well being continues to heal. God bless you Kammy.”

With a yellow heart emoji, another commented: “I was in tears you have a heart of gold Kammy.”

A third shared a clip of GMB, writing: “Man, this is so gut-wrenching to see Chris Kamara with such a debilitating condition and feeling ashamed of it. What bravery to tell the world your story.”

Another said Chris Kamara is “a true inspiration and for me, a national treasure”.