Bobby Brazier, who is now competing in the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing, could be returning to EastEnders as Freddie Slater.

This comes as Molly Rainford, who is known for playing Anna Knight on the BBC show, opened up about her character's future.

Before Freddie Slater departed Albert Square, he was in the middle of a love triangle with Anna and Bobby Beale.

Molly shared her thoughts on who Anna might end up with, telling TV Times:  "I think Anna realised pretty soon after she arrived that she had feelings for Bobby Beale. But it's a hard situation to navigate when you've got someone who's part of your family, but not your family. It would be really cute if they could make a go of things."

She added: "Freddie is the obvious guy for her to go for, but maybe the underdog will surprise her in the end!"

Bobby Brazier is currently taking a break from EastEnders as he takes part in Strictly Come Dancing alongside Diana Buswell.

Bobby Brazier teases possible EastEnders return this Christmas

Opening up about the show exit, he said: "The show is in a great place, and being a Slater is my favourite thing about being on the show. Those girls, I could speak about them all day I really love them, and what they do and how they do it and who they are on and off screen."

He later added of working with Theo actor William Ellis: "No, I hope I have scared him away forever. However, Will Ellis who plays him I absolutely love but Theo can do one. Will is a sweetheart. I haven't got a clue what is coming up."

Teasing a possible return in the upcoming Christmas storyline which has had fans everywhere going nuts, he added: "I have no idea who the body is, no one knows genuinely. I just hope it's not me!"