Two stars of the BBC's upcoming reboot of Gladiators have been forced to pull out due to injuries while filming. 

The iconic show is returning to the BBC, and whilst two of its stars – Comet and Sabre – have had to take time out of the series to address their injuries. 

Both injuries occurred while filming was underway at Sheffield's Utilita Arena but they will feature in the series when it airs on screens.

BBC producers had a robust health and safety policy in place for filming, as well as insurance, risk assessments and extensive training for both Gladiators and their challengers, The Sun has reported.

Paramedics, Doctors, Physios, Technicians, a Health and Safety advisor and two private ambulances were also present.

Comet - whose real name is Ella-Mae Rayner - has broken her ankle and foot, while Sabre (Sheli McCoy) suffered a torn hamstring.

Sharing a photo of herself in hospital on Instagram, Comet said: "'Life is not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving' - right now, this quote couldn’t ring truer.

"During the filming of one of the games I sustained a severe foot injury.

Cotswold Journal: Two Gladiators have pulled out due to injuries ahead of BBC reboot. ( BBC One)Two Gladiators have pulled out due to injuries ahead of BBC reboot. ( BBC One) (Image: BBC One)

“Multiple scans and X-rays later I found out that I had broken my ankle and foot in multiple places, including the talus and something known as a lisfranc injury, ruptured 3 ligaments and dislocated a bone.

“I am now resting up following an operation to fix my foot and stabilise the broken bones.

“This is just a minor blip in the road and ignites the fire in me to come back better and stronger than ever before.”

Meanwhile, Sabre described her hamstring tear as a "little battle injury".

She wrote on her own Instagram: “Up to that point, every single day was a blessing and every event an unforgettable experience that I would repeat in a second.

“The rehabilitation process is underway and going very well to date, with a lot of continued guidance from our fantastic physio Alfie."

In a statement, a BBC spokesman said: "The health and well-being of all Gladiators, contenders and crew is of paramount importance.

"'Gladiators' is one of the toughest and most physically demanding programmes on TV and due to the high-impact nature of the show it is not unusual for those competing to suffer injuries.

"In each instance, as soon as it became apparent that a potential injury had occurred, the correct protocol was immediately followed.

"The injured Gladiators are currently following medical advice and working on their recoveries.”

Everything we know about the Gladiators reboot so far

The reboot of Gladiators has not got a confirmed release date but it is expected in mid-to-late 2023.

Producers have already confirmed that father-and-son duo Bradley and Barney Walsh will front the show.

The new Gladiators include Giant, Fire, Legend, Apollo, Fury and Steel in the 11-part series. 

The reboot will also welcome Bionic, Diamond, Nitro, Viper, Athena, Phantom and Dynamite.

Contenders will take part in the ultimate test of speed and strength in a series of brand-new games alongside classics including fan-favourite The Eliminator.